Rent to Own Homes Made Easy

          The advantages of Rent to Own Homes are financially substantial. The millions of Americans who have bad credit or cannot afford a down-payment can find relief through our Rent to Own Programs. Our main partner, the H.O.P.E. Program, has helped thousands of people achieve ownership of their dream home through simple steps that guided them through the entire process. Basically, Rent to Own homebuyers pay monthly rent to live in the house for one to three years. The monthly rent is divided into two portions: the majority will go to the homeowner to continue paying the mortgage, while another negotiated amount will go towards the down-payment when the renter is able to achieve his own mortgage on the home. For years, Rent to Own housing programs have become a credible, safe, and easy way to get into your home.


          For some, finding a Rent to Own home does not solve all their problems. Yes, successfully completing a Rent to Own program (paying rent on time every month for the agreed time) will improve your chances of getting a mortgage at the end of your program. However, having a good credit score is the best way to assure receiving a mortgage. That is why also works to help rebuild your credit during the renting portion of you contract. The negotiated period of time when someone rents before they enter a mortgage gives ample time to focus on removing negative items from their credit score, and securing safe and effective lines of credit. To many people enter into a Rent to Own housing agreement only to be denied a mortgage at the end of the rental period. Working with gives you the tools and services you need to build your credit back above 650 (the minimum for most banks before they lend).

    The good news is that NOW is the time to get your dream home through a Rent to Own program. A combination of time and money fueled by the government has the Real Estate market back on track and growing everyday. Home-Ownership, a pillar of American success, is not limited only to those in the upper-middle class. Since the housing bust in 2008, only people with flawless credit scores have been able to get loans, but since the housing market has regained its stability, banks are lending to more and more people with average credit scores. All that adds up to mean more opportunities for middle and lower class Americans to own their own home.

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